Saturday, July 08, 2006

Illegally Working? Social Security Admin Won't Tell


The Social Security Administration knows of 100,000 immigrants who are working illegally in the US--but won't tell anyone for fear of 'privacy concerns.' In addition, the LARGEST employers of non-authorized workers are GOVERNMENTS!

Privacy concerns prevent the Social Security Administration from notifying an employer that a hired foreign national is not authorized to work in this country, including someone who may be a potential national security risk, says a government audit.

The audit released last month as immigration-reform debate heated up on Capitol Hill says 109,064 foreign nationals used their non-working Social Security numbers to report earnings at 100 companies reviewed between 2001 to 2002. It said hundreds of thousands more also are using their Social Security cards illegally.

The report said employers that posted the largest number of illegal wage earners were government, retail and universities, and the largest number of noncitizens with earnings under a non-working Social Security number were from Mexico, India and the Philippines.

The report said the average wage item ranged from $7,700 in the staffing industry to $102,000 in the technology industry, and technology and government accounted for $4 billion, or 64 percent, of the wages posted to non-working Social Security numbers by the 100 targeted employers.

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jp said...


Publish your SS number.
Illegal taxes paid under your number could make you a rich man in retirement.