Saturday, July 08, 2006

Marotta: "Nothing to See Here. Move Along"

This will be fun to watch.

Former Administration Secretary Marc Marotta met last year in his state office with a Philadelphia-area attorney who gave Gov. Jim Doyle $10,000 on the same day, state records show.

"Just happened to be in town, and thought I'd drop off 10 grand. Saves the postage, you know."

Katie Boyce, Doyle's fund- raiser, helped arrange the meeting, said Anson Kaye, a spokesman for Doyle's campaign. Marotta's calendar lists Boyce as an attendee to the meeting, but Kaye said she was included on the calendar in error.

"Meeting? No. Not me. I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything!!"

The donation and meeting were in no way linked, Dilweg [Marotta's aide] and Kaye said.

Pure co-incidence. Pure as the driven snow.


The Asian Badger said...

The headline to this post cracked me up. It's going to heat up, that's for sure.

Looks like Biskupic has lifetime employment in SE Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Let's consider this scenario: Big Jim Klauser spends the day high atop the Kaluser Building as DOA Secretary. On the car ride home he takes off his Secretary's hat and puts on the Thompson campaign chairman's hat. There in the kitchen waiting for him is lovely wife Shirley. She's the Thompson campaign treasurer, you know, and she is opening the check-laden envelopes which arrived that day.

That's right, folks -- Tommy's DOA Secretary was the campaign chairman and the Secretary's wife was the campaign treasurer! Nothing wrong with this arrangement (which lasted 10+ years), of course!

Oh, ye hyporcite!

Dad29 said...


But Tommy's campaign did not get a $10K check the same day a rent-seeker visited Klauser in his office, did he?

Face it, anony: Marotta and Doyle are fried bacon. Just a matter of time until the USAttorney sends the paperwork requesting an appearance.

Anonymous said...

I would be prepared to bet a significant amount of money that you could find virtually identical behavior during every one of the Thompson years. You know it but you won't admit it. That's part of what makes you such a flaming (and I do mean "flaming") hypocrite.

You don't touch the main point made -- Thompson's DOA Secretary was the campaign chair and the DOA secretary's wife was the campaign treasurer.

Dad29 said...

Anony, you may wish to use the "Search THIS Blog" item and find my remarks on Thompson.

Frankly, I have no use whatsoever for politicians who can't keep their interests separated from the interests of the State.

Xoff and I agree far more often than you may suspect. the way, what do you want me to say about Mr & Mrs Klauser? They've been out of there for HOW many years? And you have NOT alleged that Klauser visited with a rent-seeker on the SAME DAY that he also collected a campaign contribution, are you?