Friday, July 07, 2006

Cousins Center to Go--BK Option In Play

The Milwaukee JSOnline reports that the Cousins Center will be sold and that the Archdiocese is considering bankruptcy; Terry Berres has published Abp. Dolan's email on the topic.

The archdiocese's Finance Council has recommended hiring a professional broker to sell the Cousins Center, and the process of selecting one will soon begin, Topczewski added.

"The issue of going into bankruptcy would be extremely painful and would only come after extensive consultation with the advisory groups of the archdiocese, and as a last resort," Jerry Topczewski, Dolan's chief of staff, said Thursday in an interview.

This comes as no surprise whatsoever, and along with the 'virtual closing' of St Francis Major Seminary, is the strong medicine administered to this Archdiocese for the errors and omissions of a few of its former key personnel.

The errors and omissions? Admitting and ordaining men who were homosexuals--then, after these men attacked boys, Archdiocesan management played "hide-the-perp" rather than moving to defrock them or seeking prosecution and incarceration, or both.

Lies and manipulations emanated from the Chancery and its agents. In addition, there was some cooperation (also called "enablement") from police and prosecutors.

Oh, well.

A number of my acquaintances tried to make it clear to Archdiocesan officials that the problem was serious, but "expert" psychologists and shrinks pooh-poohed the concerns.

In 1961, the Vatican published a document specifically prohibiting the Ordination of homosexuals--also ignored.

Oh, well.


David said...

You reap what you sow. Too bad we all have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Telling men of the cloth that they cannot marry -- a normal, heterosexual societal expectation -- insures that the pool of applicants will be skewed.

You can't expect the Vatican to change the rules because the folks in charge there have invested 50+ years apiece in the current system and don't want to see the "younguns" getting something they were barred from.

The result? A disproportionate percentage of those entering the priesthood will be gay, no matter what the chuch does to try to prevent it.

Dad29 said...


Men who enter the priesthood CHOOSE, VOLUNTARILY, not to be married.

So much for your cockamamie premise.

The rest of your comment doesn't rise to the level of "4-year-old."

Terrence Berres said...

Where does the Vatican come up with these ideas!

jp said...

Dear Dad;

Choosing not to marry (a woman) is easy for a gay.

Is it possible many men with homosexual tendencies choose church service because of guilt but were unable to suppress their desire? In the past, the priesthood was a safe place with many opportunities.

Anonymous said...

"So much for your cockamamie premise."

Obviously you haven't spent much time around any seminary!

Who but a gay man would want to be a priest?

Dad29 said...

JP: you are correct when you say " the past." Bishops who have their heads screwed on straight will no longer accept homosexuals for Ordination.

Anony: believe it or not, for most people, the purpose of life is NOT between their thighs. Your mileage may vary.