Sunday, July 02, 2006

Here's An Idea

The Washington Times reports:

Talk about an intriguing compilation of polls on the subject of patriotism, compiled by American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Karlyn Bowman just in time for Independence Day.

The good news from Gallup is that 83 percent of a group it surveyed said they are either extremely or very proud of being an American.

The bad news (unless you're a Republican) is that a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll reports that 24 percent of Democrats said they would leave the United States permanently and live in another country if given the opportunity.

Are there any folks out there who would assist in funding the bus-tickets?


Amy said...

I'd tell those Democrats:

Hey - if you want to leave, go right ahead.

Have fun in whatever foreign nation you land in. Don't forget to send a postcard! We won't miss you!

The Asian Badger said...

I remember all the B-List actors who said they were leaving after Bush got re-elected. Too bad they're still here.

Anonymous said...

The AEI report also includes a March 2006 poll in which 83% of the respondents agreed that "someone can be patriotic if they don't support the Iraq war." I found that interesting.

jp said...

I am sure there are many, south of the boarder, who would be glad to take their place.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Anon, are you looking for a ticket?

Kate said...

I'd kick in a couple of bucks to help them relocate. :)