Sunday, July 02, 2006

Math Lessons from The Triumvirate

These kids are smart.

July 1st press release from BagManJim's office:

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that the State of Wisconsin will finish the 2006 fiscal year in the black with a positive balance of $12 million. This is the third consecutive year the state has ended in the black - continuing a remarkable turnaround from record deficit spending in prior administrations.

JUNE 30th press release from BagManJim's office:

The Forest County Potawatomi Community transferred $24 million to the State of Wisconsin today to fulfill their 2006 revenue sharing commitment. …

The commentator leads you to the inevitable conclusion:

$12 million in the black today, $24 million cash infusion yesterday -Do the Math.


Peter said...

The Diamond Jim people really think we are unsophisticated rubes not to figure this out ... here come the Governor's buddies from Indian gaming to bail him out.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Sounds like someone has a budgeting problem. A $24 Million infusion from gambling is nothing to be proud of, as it's really a tax on the voluntarily stupid. Unfortunately, the voluntarily stupid are, quite frequently, under-educated, and thereby the last people who should be throwing their money away on gambling.
You see the TV ads for casinos, and there are young people, having fun, looking bourgeois. Of course, the pensioners and poor you see at the casino, chainsmoking in front of slot machines, are anything other than advertised.

Dad29 said...

I agree with all of your observation, Jimbob, except for the linkage between 'voluntarily stupid' and 'under-educated.'

Technically, your qualifier of 'quite frequently' is correct; but 'under-educated' as an adjective unseemly arrogance on your part.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I'm just regurgitating my impression, via the media (right or wrong), that the working poor, lower class, whatever you wish to call them frequently are without a higher-education, and are more likely to engage in self destructive (physically and financially) behaviours, such as smoking, drugs, crime, and compulsive gambling.
I've been to Las Vegas for conventions a couple times, and have noticed a difference between that clientele, and the sad souls at the slots in Council Bluffs, Iowa. You don't have to be a nun from Omaha to get suckered in.
We can all be 'voluntarily stupid' for one thing or another, I'm just recalling the people I saw at one casino (my lady and I went, on a lark, for the seafood buffet). The sea of RVs in a designated parking lot leads me to posit that there are more than a couple grandkids that may not get to college easily.
But hey, the State is more than happy to accept the money, as are the casinos and whatever crime families that still have muscle outside of NY-NJ.