Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Left's "Case"--A Study in Irrational Asininity

One of Watchdog Milwaukee's contributors is a former member of the Milwaukee County Board. He was recalled after voting to bankrupt Milwaukee County, and never really got over the rejection.

So he establishes a blogsite, and presents logical, carefully-worded, arguments, in a pale homage-imitation of Kos.

Nobody really reads his blog; I do it as a public service. (Send the purple heart, please.)

Here's a sample:

Indeed, H.R. 4437 is chilling example of a growing world-wide trend towards neo-fascism elevating its goose-stepping political crusade back onto the world stage without fear of criticism.

Translation: You're a Nazi, Sensenbrenner!! (Didn't take Jimmy long to get there, did it?)

H.R. 4437, the Sensenbrenner bill, comes from a United States Congressman who almost sounds like the paranoid Wisconsin Senator who took the nation by storm with his fanatical right-wing fascists accusations of communism taking over the United States government in the 1950s—Joseph McCarthy.

Ummmnnn....McCarthy NEVER mis-stated the facts, and FDR/HST Administrations (and the Army) were infested with Frackin' Commie Spies. Ask the Rosenbergs, Jimmy.

The Sensenbrenner bill is elementary politics derived from fears and misconceptions promoted by simplistic political statements made by goofy right-wing radio talk-show hosts and political opportunists. These right-wing simpletons have seized an opportunity to attack weak and defenseless people as a means to advance neo-conservative political campaigns designed to
advance their political ambitions at the expense of human life

Geez, ya know, I don't always agree with Sykes or Limbaugh--must be because they are KILLERS!!! KILLERS!!! (This is a first, I think.)

You can read the rest.


WatchdogMilwaukeeJDM said...

Thanks for reading Watchdog, Dad29 ... but you should note that Jim didn't write the Sensenbrenner commentary - that was by Robert Miranda, editor of the Spanish Journal and a regular contributor to Watchdog.

Also, as editor and co-founder of the site, I deserve at least half the blame for the existence of WatchdogMilwaukee.

Your WatchdogMilwaukee editor,

John-david Morgan

Dad29 said...

Regret I missed the link or credits; it was over Jim's folder-thingy.

Please--take all the blame you want, John-david. I'm sure Jim will share. He's a Democrat. said...

Once again you're wrong Mr. S.......

Not only did I not write that column but you're wrong about the amount of people who read Watchdog Milwaukee.

In July alone, our average hits per day was 7406 which reflects why google gives us a page rank of 4. (Your blog ranks zero on google.)

And there's really no reason to get personal with your criticism. If you disagree then please address the argument, not the person.

Dad29 said...

Well, watchdog--I'm not running for office--so numbers don't really count.

By the way--the "argument" that Sensenbrenner & Co. are 'goose-stepping neo-fascists' or that 'right-wing simpletons...are advancing a cause at the expense of life..'

Tell me, Political One: do you call that "argumentation" or "personal attacks?" Hmmmmmm? said...

Whether you're running for office or not is irrelevant. You're entitled to your opinion but you're not entitled to make up your own facts. Clearly you had nothing to back up your claims and when I called you on it you sidestepped the question.

On another note, if you have issues with what the author of that post had, then you are welcome to post your opinion as long as it doesn't have a personal attack in it.

By the way, I should be flattered by the Kos reference. I'm not a regular reader but from what I've seen it appears that it's a good blog.

Dad29 said...

And you, clearly, have a serious case of ego inflation, WM.