Saturday, June 03, 2006

Terrorism: Alive and Well in the British Empire

From Powerline:

UPDATE: Details are sketchy, but at least eight people have been arrested in the Toronto area and will be charged with plotting to set off explosives at as-yet-unspecified locations in Ontario. Preliminary reports is that those arrested are Muslims suspected of links to al Qaeda.

Power Line News: Canadian authorities say that 12 male adults and five "youths" have been taken into custody, and three tons of ammonium nitrate, triple the amount used in the Oklahoma City bombing, have been seized.

And from the Mother Country:

London police raided a house where chemical weapons of some kind were apparently being produced. Today comes the chilling news that a chemical suicide vest is believed to be missing:
British police were searching for a "suicide vest" laced with dangerous chemicals after a raid of the alleged bomb factory yielded two suspects but no vest.

Police think the vest has been made and will be set off at a busy bus or train station, or in a crowd watching a World Cup game in a local pub, The Times said.

Watchword: Semper Paratus

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jp said...

If the NSA reads this, keep up the good work.