Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Illegal Preferences

At a political event last night, a prominent Congressman reminded me of certain provisions in the Senate-passed Immigration bill.

One of them is highlighted by Texas Hold'Em:

Illegal aliens will be guaranteed in-state tuition rates in all 50 states. Your kid will have to pay out-of-state tuition if he or she crosses the state line, but not the alien who entered the United States illegally.

What the Congressman said (not mentioned in the quote above) is that this particular provision will cause REAL trouble for Wisconsin citizens' children who want to go to a UW-System school.

The Regents have a rule providing that 'no more than 75% of UW system students can be Wisconsin-native (resident) students.'

So when illegal aliens become de facto "in-state" tuition-payers, THEY occupy "Wisconsin-native (resident)" places--and YOUR children may not be able to secure a place in a UW-school.

And you thought that only the UW-administration hates Wisconsin-resident children, eh?


jp said...

For those not deported, isn't education desirable?

Dad29 said...

For those not deported AND with legal status, of course it is.

The Senate bill, however, doesn't bother with distinctions like that..