Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Homosex "Marriage" Loses in Alabama; Tactics Update

Buried at the very end of the MS-NBC report on elections around the country is the following line:

Also in Alabama, voters passed a ban on gay marriage by a 4-to-1 margin.

Of interest is the "comments" section in yesterday's post on the Federal Homosex "marriage" amendment, found here. Mr. Drury is a pleasant interlocutor, and what he has to say is interesting, but not all that pleasant.

The homosex lobby evidently intends to utilize a somewhat sleazy approach in their VERY active lobbying effort at the Federal level. As mentioned in the post, it is very important to that group that the Federal amendment fails, which means that they will use whatever means are available to defeat it. So far, their effort has been successful.

THAT tells us that sometime downstream they expect a SCOTUS ruling which will overturn the Alabama results--as well as the similar results in other States, like Wisconsin.

So: on the one hand, the Homosex Lobby argues that SCOTUS will accede to a "States' Rights" argument--on the OTHER hand, the Homosex Lobby anticipates that the Court will trample States' rights, as Levin pointed out (see my linked post.)

Who says propaganda doesn't work?


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