Friday, June 09, 2006

Homosex "Marriage," Jersey Girls, and Mis-Direction

As the Ann Coulter vs. "Jersey Girls" controversy has proven, the Left is very adroit at manipulation of opinion. Cindy Sheehan and Jack Murtha are examples of similar smokescreens.
The idea is very simple: mis-direction. Murtha, Sheehan, and the Jersey Girls rarely, if ever, argue the merits of stamping out terrorism or "democratizing" Iraq. Rather, they argue that "war has some bad consequences."

Any damn fool KNOWS that "War Has Some Bad Consequences." It's almost insulting to have to listen to these people yap about that. But we HAVE to listen with some respect, because, after all, the "Jersey Girls" have suffered personally as a result of war.

As long as the Left can get away with the Mis-Direction Manipulation ploy (aka the Liberal Moral Superiority Play), they seem to have the high ground.

Same game is played on the question of Homosex "Marriage." Rather than addressing the real question of whether Western Society will accord homosex couplings the sacred status granted heterosexual marriage, (thereby derogating real marriage and attempting a positive-law repeal of the Natural Law,) the Left runs the Mis-Direction Manipulation.

One of their favorite irrelevant arguments: "Divorce is bad." (Sounds a bit like "War Has Some Bad Consequences," eh?)

NO KIDDING!! Divorce is bad. We don't need homosex propagandists to tell us that...

Their point, of course, is that "stable marriage" is good--and the implication is that homosex "marriages" are the ones depicted in the fairy tales: 'happily ever after.'

Well, homosex "happy-ever-after" is a fairy tale, alright:

According to a study by the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service, the lifespan of a gay union averages one and a half years. Similar stats on heterosexual marriage found the average for heterosexual marriage to be about 10 years. So society and government do not reap the benefits of stability and permanence from gay marriage (and divorce) that we reap from heterosexual unions. ...The Amsterdam study found that after five years, none of the male homosexual unions were monogamous.

What we have here is, ah, Flaming Hypocrisy.

The Mis-Direction Manipulation is a good one--been around since Eve swallowed that apple. But it hasn't ever produced good results.

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