Thursday, June 08, 2006

Homage to Owen's Map Game

Go to the yellow "KaBoom"--that's the magic spot. It was (most likely) Task Force 145 which pinpointed the (now-dead) scumbag. Other spots TF 145 hit while on the hunt appear in red.


allendrury said...

So the yellow spot was where the target was destroyed (killed) and so am I to understand that the red marks are those of more innocent men, women, and childen being killed in the name of democracy.

While I applaud the news from Iraq this morning I think it just as important to know there is an equally important story to be absorbed.

Freelance photographer Lucian Read, had spent months capturing shots of Kilo Company. When Iraqis invited him to photograph their dead two days after the Haditha killings in November 2005, he felt compelled to show the images to the platoon.

"I made a point that day and over the course of the next several days to show all of those pictures to as many of the Marines as possible," Read said Wednesday.

"When children are killed, I don't care what the situation is, that's bad, and I wanted those guys to see that so they would keep it in their mind next time something like that happened -- hey, we don't want to be killing any more kids."

Dad29 said...

Naturally, you will draw any conclusions you WANT to draw, Al.

In wars, collateral damage happens. It's regrettable, and not the objective of ANY US combat troops.

See, Al, we are trained to be the good guys.

Rick Lugari said...

Did I miss some reports? Was it reported that civilians were killed at those other targets, or is it just conjecture?