Thursday, June 08, 2006

ATTN: Rep. Green Campaign Gurus

An interesting little tidbit from Levin:

Don't be fooled. Brian Bilbray won yesterday because that election was another referendum on illegal immigration. Two significant events occurred within days of the vote: 1. John McCain withdrew from a fundraiser for Bilbray over his disagreement with Bilbray's pro-enforcement position; and 2. Bilbray's opponent was caught encouraging illegal aliens to vote. The pattern is clear: The electorate, and certainly Republicans, oppose the open-borders crowd. And every time the issue is before the voters, enforcement wins. This is another loss for McCain and his 2008 prospects.

The Sitting Slimeball in the WI. Governor's mansion has made his positions on illegals clear: he doesn't give a damn.

Seems to me there's an opportunity here, particularly since AG candidate Bucher has made some practical and useful proposals on the topic.

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