Friday, May 05, 2006

Feingold (D-AlQuaeda) Spending Problem

The version you'll get from the EgoManiac Wannabe is that "taxes are too low."

Of course, spending could just be, ah, too high. And our Senator Feinie, adjusting his tinfoil hat, marches in to the Senate chamber to spend a LOT of money.

Here's what Feinie voted for:

On Tuesday, senators added another $1.7 billion for the Katrina cleanup — on top of the already-allotted $28.8 billion requested by the president.

Other pet projects in the Senate bill include $4 billion in aid to farmers to compensate for rising energy costs and drought and natural disaster relief, $800 million in highway funding, $1 billion in state grants and $1.1 billion for the Gulf Coast's seafood industry.

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., put forward and the Senate passed an amendment adding $289 million to compensate first responders for complications that arise from taking an experimental flu vaccine. Another $7 million was added for water monitoring in Hawaii, which recently was hit by a torrential rainstorm. And $6 million was approved to aid Hawaiian sugar interests.

All this was added to a measure that contained $65.7 billion for war operations and $28.8 billion for hurricane relief, including grants to states to build and repair housing and $3.9 billion for levees and flood control projects in Louisiana. That last sum was offset in the bill by money that had been intended for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Note that "farmers" scored another $4BILLION to offset "energy costs." Will that make the price of bread go down?

Well--at least in Wisconsin, farmers will be able to afford the 10% guaranteed profit margin at the PDQ store, eh?

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