Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush Self-Destructed

If GWB doesn't like his approval numbers, he can look at the folks he double-crossed:

Angry conservatives are driving the approval ratings of President Bush and the GOP-led Congress to dismal new lows, according to an AP-Ipsos poll that underscores why Republicans fear an Election Day massacre.

Just 33 percent of the public approves of Bush's job performance, the lowest of his presidency. That compares with 36 percent approval in early April. Forty-five percent of self-described conservatives now disapprove of the president.

The souring of the nation's mood has accelerated the past three months, with the percentage of people describing the nation on the wrong track rising 12 points to a new high of 73 percent. Six of 10 conservatives say America is headed in the wrong direction.

Conservative voters blame the White House and Congress for runaway government spending, illegal immigration and lack of action on social issues such as a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage. Those concerns come on top of public worries about Iraq, the economy and gasoline prices.

I dunno about that Federal Homosexual Marriage amendment. It's the taxes.

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Billiam said...

I can't support all the spending, neither party willing to do ANYTHING about Social Insecurity or Illegal Immigration/Border Security.