Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sensenbrenner v. Gonzales

The AG is on thin ice:

Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., said Gonzales was frustrating his panel's oversight of the Justice Department and the controversial surveillance by declining to provide information about how the program is reviewed inside the administration and by whom.

"How can we discharge our oversight if, every time we ask a pointed question, we're told the program is classified?" Sensenbrenner asked Gonzales near the start of a lengthy hearing on the department's activities. "I think that ... is stonewalling."

Gonzales did not budge, defending the eavesdropping as lawful and telling Sensenbrenner and other lawmakers on the panel that he would not discuss classified matters.

Mr. Gonzales, Jim's one of OUR guys. If you don't like the questions, nor the healthy skepticism from the Committee, then maybe you'd best find another way to get Jim the info.


Joey said...

I can't help but wonder if Gonzales would be willing to disclose the information under confidentiality, or if he's just not budging, period. I have trouble thinking that Sensenbrenner couldn't get the information away from the context of a public hearing.

But, I could be wrong. It's been known to happen.

Dad29 said...

I don't know whether Sensen's one of the "eyes only" classified Congressmen.

But Jim is a real conservative, not a RINO; he's a straight shooter, and he's certainly not stupid.

However, Gonzales IS stupid if he thinks that he can pull this crap. Neither Sensen nor I have any delusions about the prerogatives of the C-in-C; but the C-in-C should not have any delusions about Absolute Power.

Peter said...

The political tone deafness of the administration continues to amaze me. It has allowed the political enemies to portray it in such a negative fashion (with help from their all too willing accomplices in the media).

You'd a-thunk the Dubai ports deal would have taught them something.

Maybe Andy Card isnt the only one that needs to go from the WH.