Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration Bill: All Show, No Go?

Listening to the Sykes presentation of the "compromise" reached by whatever Senators reached the "compromise" was an exercise, to say the least.

Obviously, the "compromise" was written by two groups: immigration attorneys and/or IRS regulation-writers. No sane man, illegal or not, could possibly determine who's on first (or what's on second...) with the silliness expressed this morning.

Which brings us to a question: will ANY Immigration bill actually get through Congress?

And the more meaningful one: if ANY immigration bill requires actual border enforcement, will the GWB gang implement it?

To both questions, I think the answer is "Nope."

With the exception of Jim Sensenbrenner, (and a few others,) most of the yappaflappa out there has been posturing. The Pubbies posture while knowing that their agricultural/building contractor benefactors must have illegals (they are remarkably cheap to employ.) The Dimowits posture in hopes of retaining the Hispanic vote (it could be American votes, but hey...)

And GWB postures all day long about "border enforcement"--as he has done for several years now--knowing that if the US doesn't wink and provide Mexico with an outlet, it's possible that there will be a Mexican Revolution--possibly leading to another Marxist Government.

One should not forget to mention Cdl. Mahoney of Los Angeles, who postures with as much elan as any of them. Some forget that Roger was also the chaplain for Cesar Chavez back in Roger's heydays (salad days?) in Stockton, CA. And Roger needs friendly press, because the LA District Attorney is getting very close to the bone in his queries about "who knew what, and when" on the homosexual-pedophilia problem in LA.

Ah, well. In 10 days, we send more money to these bozos.

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