Sunday, March 05, 2006


WallyWorld has taken a beating lately, mostly from union-inspired hit-squads concentrating on working conditions and benefits. Not all of that is deserved, but it's clear that some WalMart managers are dolts.

But the stories have some traction, not in the least because WallyWorld was (and still is) a predatory purchaser, playing hardball (and worse) with its suppliers. This history goes back years: friends have told me stories about their shenanigans dating to the mid-1980's. These rumbles and rumors are significant because they come from white-collar business-types of the conservative bent--not from the UFCW.

Thus, WallyWorld is not getting a spirited defense from what it thinks should be natural allies, and the American Spectator blogsite is trying to whip up some enthusiasm from its conservative-leaning reader base. We suspect that a WallyWorld flack is behind it.

Good luck.

In the very same post in which "Dave" tries to get sympathy, he also reveals that WallyWorld is now calling for Federal Health Insurance.

This puts the Libertarian ankle-biters in a bind, no? On the one hand, they proclaim with gusto that WallyWorld is "helping US consumers" by offering ultra-low prices on goods; they lionize Wal-Mart as a "competitor." On the other hand, WallyWorld has now announced that the US taxpayer should relieve WallyWorld of its costs of doing business.

Doesn't seem too "competitive" to me.


M.Z. Forrest said...

I tried to find the thread you referenced, but I give up. (The site navigation there is rotten by the way.) It appears this is the link from the prior post. Do you have the original?

Dad29 said...

Sorry 'bout that...