Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Return of Tommy...Let's Not

Tommy Thompson did some good things while Gubernatoring Wisconsin--school choice, for openers; the rebuilding of the Republican (but not Conservative) majority in the Legislature; and W-2, which seems to have largely accomplished its purpose.

Now he's being boomed (at least partially by himself) as A Candidate.

One possibility: Governor again. Thompson claims that he walks through malls, airports, (yada yada) and people just follow him around asking him to run for Governor again. Begging him.


But there's the Dark Side of ThompsonPolitik; the HUGE number of State employees; the spend, spend, spend mentality of the Republican majority; and the monument to Thompson's mode of governance (described above in brief): "Stick-It-To-'Em!! Stadium," conveniently paid-for by some Wisconsin residents.

Tommy, I've never encountered you in a mall, airport, or bar. If I did, I certainly would NOT walk up to you and say "Don't Run." Not until today.

Don't run for Governor.

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Billiam said...

My sentiments. Tommy, stay retired. The quickest way to get me to either sit the next election out or do a write in is for you to get your sorry butt on the ballot. Doyle is bad enough. I wouldn't want you back.