Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vermont and Wisconsin--Similar Problems

Report has it that Vermont's younger folks are leaving at a rapid rate. Seems that 1) there are no jobs, and 2) there are few houses available.

Vermont's a "liberal Utopia," and has been for quite a while.

It appears that Vermont is going to be Exhibit "A" in the real world consequences of socialistic and granola-friendly laws and regulations. And they're going to wonder why it is young people don't want to stay in a state where their entire income is going to be confiscated by the state to pay for all the non-producing retirees, and what little they have left is going to have to pay the mortgage on their wildly overpriced house.

But the citizens of Vermont have democratically elected politicians that enacted statutes reflecting the will of the people. And now they're going to start seeing the consequences.

Wisconsin is also seeing an outflux of younger workers, partially due to the "no jobs here" hangover of the Manufacturing Evisceration, and partially due to the horrendous tax climate.

We don't share Vermont's "enviro-regs" which almost prevent housing starts--yet.


Amy said...

If things ever get that bad, I will be leaving Wisconsin, too. Which breaks my heart as my family, friends, and history are all here in Milwaukee.

But I also believe in "voting with one's feet" if my voting at the polls is outweighed by unpopular results.

I do think things will get better once Doyle is out of office. At least I pray they will.

Billiam said...

I'm already planning on leaving. 2010 is my target year. By august of that year I'll be debt free. Good bye Banana Republic!

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I blame the parents that bore children there. Wisconsin is a blackhole for tax dollars and people. I've known many (and soon to be myself) to move back to be with family and friends.

The grass isn't always greener but the money is.