Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Next Tax Increase

Buried in the story about the Stadium's tax-receipts (not enough, according to the Stadium Board) is a clear early warning from Deputy Revenue Secretary Laura Engen:

Another possibility is that residents in the five-county region are doing more online shopping and paying little or no sales taxes on the transactions.

State figures suggest that Wisconsin loses about $150 million in year in sales tax collections because of online sales, Engan said.

Not to worry. Your State, ever on the watch for MORE OF YOUR MONEY, will find a way to fix that little problem.


Fugger Nutter said...

It's good to know the government at all levels is constantly looking out for the people ('s money).

Peter said...

Diamond Jim wanted to do that in the last budget .... tax all kinds of Internet things. But I don't trust the Republicans here either.