Thursday, March 02, 2006

Automatic Appeal Show Trial?

The same thought I have had comes from a "savvy listener" to Da Godfoddah's show:

Finally, I've been following this trial as best I can through the reports and blogs and I'm starting to have a serious question about Ebert: Is he intentionally tanking this thing to set it up for appeal? Some of his rulings have been so absurdly inconsistent and biased against the defense that I almost think he's trying to draw an appeal. From allowing the prosecution to introduce historical precedent but denying it to the defense, to prohibiting redirect and recross, to time and again sustaining prosecution objections when information the prosecution itself introduced starts o come back to bite them on cross; it's almost so blatantly unfair that it begs the question whether it is simple coincidence or bias. Could Ebert - an elected Dane Co. judge - just be a chicken who thinks this case is crap legally but doesn't have the guts to do the unpopular thing in lefty central and shut it down, so instead he's sabotaging his own case for appeal? Or is this really a sham of a kangaroo court and he's just already made up his mind and is trying to move things along to his predetermined conclusion?

It's possible that Ebert is dumber than a box of rocks, too. But I doubt it. My hunch: Ebert knows the score. Blanchard is an embarassment to the Court. Appeals will take until 2030, or sometime near then.

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