Friday, December 02, 2005

Nobody Asked--But ...

Today the echoes of the Belling/Sykes/Gard/Walker/Green gas-tax-indexing brouhaha still reverberate. One blogger rips Belling to pieces on his somewhat raucus "interview" with Gard.

But the blogger misses the point, as do many other 'moderate' voices--and John Gard deliberately plants the seeds which result in a large crop of confusion and misinformation.

Reynold's original bill, S331, simply stopped the indexing as of April 2007--in other words, the last automatic taxation-without-representation increase would occur this coming April. This assures that the funding for the vast majority of the current budget cycle will be intact.

No mention of that from Rep Gard.

Neither Belling nor Reynolds proposed that the gas tax end--nor that it be reduced. This Bill is about Taxation Without Representation--no more, no less. All the other "contributors" to the effort--including 'Saint' Walker and 'Late' Green--but mostly RINOGard, (really, really, really in need of Big Bucks for the Congressional run) spray a lot of fertilizer into the field about the Dirt Roads in Peshtigo, the Never-To-Be-Completed 43/94 Interchange, the End of Truck Traffic As We Know It...

All that is pure, unadulterated CRAP!!

We have a good highway system. We have $650+ million stolen from the highway funds by the Governor--obviously excess funds, eh?-- and we have a Fountain of Money called Indexing.

First Thing: kill the indexing. (Lawyers, you're still high on the list.)

And by the way--while Steve Kanavas gets kudos for promising to vote against indexing--it is worth noting that Steve did NOT co-sponsor S331.

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