Saturday, August 10, 2019

North Shore Nancies Go West. Tosa Endangered

The "North Shore Nancy"--a compulsive do-gooder using Other People's Money who is also a NIMBY--has apparently left the safety of the North Shore and is now infesting Wauwatosa.

This resulted in a $125 million school bond issue, a near-Democrat Socialist party representative in the Legislature, and now...........

Ta Da!!  It's time to bail out the bike company!!!

A battle is brewing in Wauwatosa over the possibility of the city providing more money for the Bublr bike program.

The bike-sharing organization is asking Wauwatosa for $32,000 to help cover operating expenses.

Some residents believe the program is a waste of money.

"Nobody is using them," Margaret Fritsch said. "I don't think this is a good idea. It's set a precedent for other companies."

But others like the ability to rent the bikes.

"It's a good program. It's worthwhile," cyclist Tory Mayek said.

Doh.  Bicycle rider likes near-free bikes.  Doh.  Here's the operative sentence:

City officials are recommending the payment, and the City Council is debating it.

Here's a question:  WHICH "city officials" want to spend the money?  The Mayor-Ette?

This sort of silliness is the same crap that the City of Brookfield's Mayor-ette (thank God she's outta there) embarked upon--raising the cost of living there with no real benefit to taxpayers. 

Live in Tosa?  Time to get the hell out!

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