Thursday, August 16, 2018

Again, the EPA's Inane Resistance!

Most Conservatives agree that the EPA should be wiped out.  Some might agree that it could be re-constituted, minimally, in the next decade--after all, actual Conservatives are not wastrels nor plunderers of the Earth.

As usual, EPA's Resist-and-Oppose game is causing expense for consumers AND taxpayers.  This time, it is a truly inane argument.

The Trump administration will likely have a tougher time defending in court its plan to relax fuel efficiency standards for cars because of new evidence showing that federal agencies were internally divided over whether weaker rules would save lives. 

“It strengthens legal challengers’ arguments that this was a political, and not a technical, decision,” Michael Gerard, an environmental law professor at Columbia University, told the Washington Examiner

Career experts at the the Environmental Protection Agency disagreed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, on the number of deaths that would be avoided by rolling back stringent fuel-efficiency and emission targets set by the Obama administration...

This is inane.  EPA says that there will be seventeen (17) more "auto-related" deaths under the new proposal.......because carbon monoxide!


Don't be fooled here.  The auto industry is perfectly fine with Obozo standards, which will be forced onto you (at a great cost) by the State of California's ridiculous standards.  More money for the industry is fine with the industry.

Until nobody buys cars.  That's what's happening now, by the way.  Trucks are selling like hotcakes, but US-labeled sedans are rusting away on dealer lots.  Wait a few months and some manufacturers will be sending you a new car with your $25.00 auto-club membership.....

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