Friday, January 20, 2017

Obozo: "You'll Be In the Dark. Enjoy It."

Y'all know that the Greens are actually enemies of the US, right?  That their "energy shortage"/"global warming-cooling-change" noise is merely a smokescreen to make certain people rich when they come up with "efficient" products--which may or may not work very well and WILL cost more money?  You got that, right? 

You know that Al Gore and his venture-capital bunch are doing very well, indeed, due to this hogwash, right?  You know that Tesla is losing huge dollars on every car it makes despite the fact that the cars cost as much as a Corvette Z06, right?  You know that they make up for that with Federal taxpayer money, right?

And you also know that a Republican asshole-MasterMind, Fred Upton of Michigan, was a major player in taking away the common incandescent lightbulb, right?

Well, that asshole's game just got elevated.  Again.  By the Obozo assholes.

...The 2007 light bulb ban in effect outlawed most incandescent light bulbs...But that law gave DOE the right to expand the class of bulbs covered by the mandates. In a new rule published today, DOE redefined the words in the law, "general service lamp," to include a lot more types of light bulb....

Three-way bulbs will be forbidden in three years.  So will those globe-shaped (decorative) bulbs you have over your bathroom vanity, or in the kitchen.

If Trump doesn't reverse this regulation, then the Revolution is NOT over yet.  And Fred Upton should be left as a brown smear on the floor, by the way.

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