Sunday, December 11, 2016

Think Paul Ryan Will Get On Board?

Mid-length essay about the Muslim Brotherhood, history, tactics, etc.  Early on, this:

...few dispute the entity most responsible for advancing the notion of political Islam is the global, secretive organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, the new administration’s counterterrorism efforts are likely to focus on it. Trump campaign advisor Walid Phares recently indicated to an Arab-language newspaper that the incoming administration will designate this Islamist group a foreign terrorist organization, the goal of a year-long legislative effort led by Senator Ted Cruz. While the House version of the bill, authored by Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, easily passed the House Judiciary Committee, Republican congressional leadership has stymied its passage. Reports from staffers indicate that establishment Republicans have expressed concerns about how such a designation would impact U.S. policy, both at home and abroad....

"Congressional leadership..." translates PAUL RYAN.

That's the guy with the walled and gated compound, ya'know.

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