Friday, December 02, 2016

For the Naive: Politics Trumps Economics

We got another lecture this morning from a RadioMouth who quoted an Economist (you should be impressed) to the effect that the Trump/Carrier deal was 'government picking winners and losers' through tax incentives.

No shit, Sherlock.

This revelation was followed by Dark and Thinly-Disguised Warnings about Obozo's Solyndra failure (your money down the crapper)--which, of course, is completely unrelated because Carrier actually has a going business whereas Solyndra was a pipe-dream of the Warmists.  Big difference.

Then followed more Dark Warnings about Nixon's  EPA.  I suppose that the RadioMouth thinks that US citizens favor dumping lead waste into rivers and lakes, or prefer the atmospheric conditions of Gary, IN., around 1965, or maybe a Continuous Fire on Lake Erie because... Profits.


Let's look at another small example.  US citizens who pay attention to car-stuff know that the V-8 engine produced today gets about twice the fuel economy as those produced in the '60's--and also gets more horsepower and torque.  They also notice that the little bitty 4-cylinder engines get well into the 30's-MPG and--by the way--get the same or better HP and torque as did many of the V-8's produced in the '60's, too.

Is the EPA a rogue agency?  Yes, it is.  I have called for it to be eliminated in the past.  (Rhetoric, mostly.)  WHY is the EPA a rogue agency?  Because "conservatives" in Congress have continued to fund it despite its ridiculous assertions about its powers--reified by Federal Courts despite the fact that "conservatives" in Congress can remove EPA from FedCourt jurisdiction any time that want to.

So in fact, politics trump economics.

Now we have a man who was elected because he happens to think that the interests of 1,000 US citizens are a bit more important than $7million.  Let's run the math:  at an average of $25.00/hour, those 1,000 workers will haul in about $52million/year and pay SS, Fed, State taxes of around 25% of that--for a Gummint-revenue haul of $6.0 million NET, first-year.

Looks astute to me.  But then, RadioMouths and Economists--they don't do math very well.  And I won't even bring up the Miller Park thing, hey.....

Sometimes they don't get "US Interests" very well, either.  That's why Trump won.  Can you hear him now??

UPDATE:  A lot more on the topic here, with the VERY useful observation that sending manufacturing out of the country (for any reason or no reason) will have horrific effects on defense.  But YOU know that, unlike Economists, right?

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