Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Progressives in a Nutshell

Once again, Angelo Codevilla.

...What serves progressive revolutionaries’ interests is not in doubt. Although each of progressivism’s branches differs in how it defines society’s “structural” fault, in its own name for the human reality that it seeks to overcome, and in the means by which to achieve its ends, progressives from the 19th century to our time are well nigh identical in their personal predilections—in what and whom they hate even more than in what they love. They see the culture of what Marxists call “bourgeois morality” as the negation of their identity and authority. That identity, their identity, is to be promoted, endlessly, by endless warfare against that culture. That is why the cultural campaigns of otherwise dissimilar progressives have been so similar. Leninist Russia no less than various Western democrats have tried to eradicate religion, to make it difficult for men, women, and children to exist as families, and to demand that their subjects join them in celebrating the new order that reflects their identity. Note well: cultural warfare’s substantive goal is less important than the affirmation of the warriors’ own identity. This is what explains the animus with which progressives have waged their culture wars.....

Not news, but always worth repeating:  the Church and the family are the primary targets.  That's why we have the Progressive-invented 'Church of sex-any-way-you-want-it' and the "family" of 'any-way-you-want-it', too.  We note that the war on the family is now being played out in Rome, of all places.  (Don't be surprised.  If you were The Enemy, where would you prefer to strike??)

And the Progressives will try to find new ways to demolish both of them until the end of time.

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