Sunday, September 02, 2012

Why Nobody Watched the (R) Convention

There are quite a few good reasons, and this author got most all of 'em.  I know I didn't really pay any attention to the Convention, except for the Eastwood appearance.  The rest?  Bosh and folderol.


These are dangerous times.  Balloons and bullshit, faux collegiality and faux concern — it doesn’t sell.  The pragmatists consistently tell us how we have to message, whom we must appeal to, which optics and images will work, etc. — and yet they never seem much to care about the substance of the conservative message save how best to camouflage it or neuter it.  They tell us how we MUST win seats — pragmatism!  power! — and so we can’t get caught up in “purity,” and then they cut off funding to a pro-life candidate who they feel embarrasses them by suggesting that their pragmatism is actually tied to certain issues that, for some, are more than just a political calculus.

The author mentions the Boehner Ram-a-Jam Job on Rules 12 & 15, too.

Yah, screw 'em.

Nice summary:

They’ll get our vote — out of necessity.  But that doesn’t mean we need to listen to their bullshit

That goes for you, too, "Stick-It-To-'Em" Amtrak Tommy.

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Billiam said...

When will people learn. Ignore what they say. WATCH and investigate what they do/have done. That's why I am against O, and why I'm not thrilled with RomRy. They say all this crap, and the gullible actually believe them.

Deekaman said...

Agreed. There are those who still think they should vote third party because they don't like the two choices. I still believe that will get Obama re-elected. We have a far better chance of controlling the Republicans than the Democrats. Put a million TEA Partiers on the Mall protesting Republican policy and they'll listen. Democrats will march through the crowd, big-ass gavel in hand and claim they were spat upon.

Anonymous said...

"They’ll get our vote — out of necessity..."

followed by

"We have a far better chance of controlling the Republicans than the Democrats."

You guys are hilarious. You bitterly complain about RINO's, then vote them in, then slice and dice their policies. Stick to your principles or STFU. Ron Paul is THE alternative.

Take Billiam's advice..."They say all this crap, and the gullible actually believe them."