Sunday, September 02, 2012

Since You Asked

Some Anony raised a question in the combox of another blog.  Said Anony doesn't keep up with the news, so I had to provide a short version of this*.

Before you yammer "BUSSSHHHHHHH!" (yes, he was President from 2000 to '08), note that the vast majority of the dump occurred since 2006, and Obozo has been LightWorking for 4 of those 6 years.

But there's more.

Hmmmmmmm.  Seems as though that "net worth" thing is even LESS favorable to Obozo than the median income chart.

*In another version of this story, it was reported that median income had declined by ~$4K to ~$54K.  It may have to do with the adjustment noted in the chart above.


Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?



jimspice said...

You missed the graph from the original research that should make you absolutely ECSTATIC:

With the "job creators" taking home a bigger and bigger share of the pie, those jobs should be appearing any DAY now.

Trickle down my ass.

Jim said...

Yes, I'm better off than I was four years ago. And I'm MUCH better off than I was on inauguration day. My 401(k) is nearly double what it was then. My home value is about the same as inauguration day, but I still have it and I'm keeping up the payments. And although gasoline is double what it was on inauguration day, it is still lower than the highest price during the Bush administration.

Dad29 said...

Spicey, that stat is very interesting.

I can tell you that the IT biz is being walloped by green-card abuse; to make a long, long, story very short, it's all in the "job description."

In the runup to Y2K, of course, that was a very different marketplace.

YOU are aware that 'the media' is shrinking--and when besides that, it's finding young (and dumb) bunnies who are cheaper.

Unions? Other than Gummint, where are they a factor, really? Only in ultra-large companies (GE, FoMoCo, Cat, etc.)

And 'other professional services', including law, have been hit, too.

Is it just a co-incidence that the elimination of the middle class roughly comports with the growth in Gummint burdens?

Deekaman said...

Jimbo must be working a government contract or some such thing. We in manufacturing are getting our asses beat on a regular basis, thanks to the willingness of politicians to sell us out to Mexico or China or India.

I don't know too many people outside of those working for the government who are doing well.

Anonymous said...

He has mentioned that he is/was a banker.

Anonymous said...

Big deal, anony 9:13 a.m. Banks are part of the capitalist system. Either shut them down or regulate the hell out of them if you have such a problem with them.

Jim said...

I worked at a bank. I never thought of myself as a "banker".

I don't know too many people outside of those working for the government who are doing well.

Government jobs are being slashed by the thousands. Private sector jobs are growing.

How is YOUR 401(k) or IRA doing since inauguration day?

Anonymous said...


It's down to zero. I had to tap into it since I have not worked in 21 months.

Jim said...

Well I'm sorry to hear that, truly, but for sure it lasted a lot longer than it would have on inauguration day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that makes everything seem so much better.