Sunday, July 01, 2012

Trog Saw This

He's right.  We were distracted.

While we were wringing our hands over the Obamacare SCOTUS fiasco, [President Obama] went and reinstated a 27-year offshore drilling moratorium, effectively putting the entire continental shelf off-limits to new oil and gas exploration until 2035.

No.  It'll be until January '13.


Jim said...

27 years? Let's see that would be since 1985. Which means during half of the Reagan presidency, all of Bush 41, all of Clinton, and all but part of the last year of Bush 43 that moratorium was in existence.

jimspice said...

Do you have a link for an original news source? The link goes to a righty blog which links to another righty blog which links to another righty blog which has no source. And the articles I'm finding are saying something completely different.