Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wiggy's Right

Wiggy wrote, beating me to the punch:

If Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch and the Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs can’t do their jobs properly, they should just quit. Or they should be fired. But creating new rules to try to cover up the incompetence of Capitol security that infringe on the First Amendment is just a ridiculous response to a situation Tubbs and Huebsch helped create with their pathetic responses to the protestors’ behavior.

Most of us recognize the difference between free speech and destructive behavior--except, perhaps, Tubbs (and Huebsch, his boss.)

Wiggy certainly does. 

To demand permitting and bonds from "groups" of FOUR (or more) is ridiculous on its face.  400 might be a better cutoff.

But using common sense would be ideal.


Tim Morrissey said...

"common sense".....I'm from Madison; what does that phrase mean?

Dad29 said...

Given your writings, Tim, you prolly have about 90% of the reservoir of common sense in the greater Madison area.