Friday, December 09, 2011

The Ruling Class: Just Plain Losers

Codevilla throws another couple of bombs toward the Ruling Class.

...During the decade that began on September 11, 2001, the U.S. government's combat operations have resulted in some 6,000 Americans killed and 30,000 crippled, caused hundreds of thousands of foreign casualties, and spent—depending on various estimates of direct and indirect costs—somewhere between 2 and 3 trillion dollars. But nothing our rulers did post-9/11 eliminated the threat from terrorists or made the world significantly less dangerous. Rather, ever-bigger government imposed unprecedented restrictions on the American people and became the arbiter of prosperity for its cronies, as well as the manager of permanent austerity for the rest.

Ask any granny who's been assaulted by TSA.  Or any 5-year-old.  Or any traveler who purchased a Disney snow-globe souvenir for a grandchild and then was forced to give it up to TSA.

...Wars in general increase the power of any polity's ruling class to answer such questions in its way, and to work its will. Hard times force regimes, as they force individuals, to prove what they are made of. That is why regimes are never more themselves, at home and abroad, than during wartime.

Yes.  The Health of the State AND its Statists!!

...America's current ruling class, the people who lost the War on Terror, monopolizes the upper reaches of American public life, the ranks of those who make foreign and domestic policy, including the leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties. It is more or less homogeneous socially and intellectually. In foreign affairs, the change from the Bush to the Obama Administrations was barely noticeable. In domestic matters, the differences are more quantitative than qualitative. Dissent from the ruling class is rife among the American people, but occurs mostly on the sidelines of our politics. If there is to be a reversal of the ongoing defeats, both foreign and domestic, that have discredited contemporary America's bipartisan mainstream, heretofore marginal people will have to generate it, applying ideas and practices recalled from America's successful past.

Just one more quote, then you'll have to read the rest....

The world of 2011 is even less congenial to America and Americans than it was on September 10, 2001. The U.S. government is not responsible for all the ways in which the world was menacing then and is menacing now, of course. Regardless of what America did, China's challenge to the post-1945 Peace of the Pacific was going to become more serious. Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet Russia was not and could not be anything but a major bother. Western Europe would be living off civilizational capital it had lost the will to replenish, irrespective of any American deeds or entreaties. The Muslim world would be choking on the dysfunctions inherent in its government and cultures.

But U.S. policy has made things worse because the liberal internationalists, realists, and neoconservatives who make up America's foreign policy Establishment have all assumed that Americans should undertake the impossible task of changing such basic facts, rather than confining themselves to the difficult but vital work of guarding U.S. interests against them. For the Establishment, 9/11 meant opportunities to press for doing more of what they had always tried to do. 

At home, the American people are less free, less prosperous, more bitterly divided, and much less hopeful in 2011 than in 2001 because a decade of the War on Terror brought a government ever bigger and more burdensome, as well as "security" measures that impede the innocent rather than focusing on wrongdoers. Our ruling class justified its ever-larger role in America's domestic life by redefining war as a never-ending struggle against unspecified enemies for abstract objectives, and by asserting expertise far above that of ordinary Americans. After 9/11, far from deliberating on the best course to take, our rulers stayed on autopilot and hit the throttles.

The guy is right.  Fortunately for most of us (who are not So Smart That We Can Rule the World), the Ruling Class is equally ......ahhh....... reality-disabled in most other countries, too.  So there is a chance.


Anonymous said...

Here is a Dandy piece by Mark Shea in the same vein......

Anonymous said...

Codevilla is a blowhard. All talk, no answers or solutions. YAWN!

Dad29 said...

Oh, he has an answer--just like the rest of flyover country does.

It's why Black Friday was the single largest NICS-check day in US history.

Saint Revolution said...

As before, Codevilla, although right, presents nothing new not already known by those "in the know" for decades now.

Codevilla simply repackages freemasonry creating the one world order.

9/11 was America's reichstag.

The real issue: what are WE THE PEOPLE going to do about it?

Apathy is a disease.

Once again:
Top Secret America