Saturday, December 10, 2011

"I Didn't INTEND to Lie": New Democrat Standard

On Thursday, the Attorney General admitted that his Department of "Justice" lied to Congress about "Fast & Furious."

But--said he--it wasn't really "a lie" because, after all, the liar who sent the lies did not INTEND to lie.

Seems to be a mantra.  Here's the "non-lie lie" crap coming from another Obozo-ite who had lied about firing the IG of Amtrak:

In a meeting with Grassley, Eisen apologized for his statements to investigators.  In the letter, Eisen writes, "It is now my understanding that I answered a few of the questions inaccurately, although at the time I thought they were accurate. Of course, it was not my intent to mislead staff ...."

It's likely that Justice Kagan will get the memo soon, and state that she did not INTEND to lie about her involvement in ObozoCare.

It is noteworthy that all the principals here are lawyers.


Grim said...

They're on better ground than usual, this time: see section 4 of St. Augustine's De mendacio.

Dad29 said...

I don't question the moral rules.

But it occurs that the "lack of intent" is statistically suspect.

Jim said...

This falls WAY short of bar set by the former administration in 2001-2003.

Gregory said...

Just wait, Here is Obama's Supreme Court Justice's opportunity to demonstrate the new Standard......

Dad, You ought to start filing these under
"New Democrat Standard"