Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Facebook User? Caution, Folks....

Sent by a pal.

At the Black Hat security conference this year, a Carnegie Mellon University researcher ran Facebook photos through off-the-shelf facial recognition software to identify 30 percent of students walking around the CMU campus. He also used Facebook profiles to positively identify people who'd posted anonymously on online dating sites. His research showed how even the most rudimentary tools can be combined with other sources of information to compromise individual privacy.

The FTC will publish a final report on privacy protections in the digital age in the next month, according to Leibowitz. The preliminary version of the report, released December 2010, found that industry self-regulation was inadequate and called for a "do not track" setting for consumers to control what is done with their online activity.

That report will not include Big Brother's utilization of the software, of course, but you get the idea, right?


jimspice said...

"...industry self-regulation was inadequate..."

Are you endorsing increased regulation?

Dad29 said...

I am not an enemy of regulation, nor a friend of it.

net-net, 95% of the governance arguments between Progressives and Conservatives are not over "whether"--but over "how much."

In the case above, "more" is prolly better; at the same time, "less" Gummint utilization of the s/w is also better.

Simple, eh?

Anonymous said...

From an ~27 year IT veteran:

Any presumption of privacy in cyberspace is a complete fallacy.

You "put yourself out there" always with one concept in mind: when you put it out there...it's out there...for good.

No matter what IT is.

Anyone who thinks or says different is completely IT-ignorant.