Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Energy, Energy, Everywhere--Except for (D) Scheming

The USA has a helluvalotta energy resources.

--About 500 years' worth of coal (at current consumption rates);
--About 575 years'worth of natural gas (at current consumption rates);
--More recoverable oil (North America) than ALL the rest of the world's proven resources.

Standing between the citizens of the US and all that energy:  the (D)/Green Weenie establishment.

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Robert said...

And the Greenies would gladly have it all shipped to China so they can use it to build solar panels and wind generators and thus we are thrice screwed....resources to China, Dollars to China, Stuck with shit that don't work.....

Right on....Buy More Ammo! (and seeds....don't forget seeds)

Anonymous said...

Screw this govt,
Buy More Ammo