Thursday, December 15, 2011

Center for American "Progress" or Just Anti-Semitic Rants?

The Center for American Progress is a heavy-duty Lefty think-tank headed by a Clintonista, John Podesta.

Over the last week, Ben Smith, my colleague Greg Sargent and I have reported on the controversy concerning the Center for American Progress’s Think Progress bloggers and others in the left blogosphere who have deployed language that invokes anti-Semitic tropes of dual loyalty and who have peddled extreme anti-Israel views.

Perhaps in an effort to distract onlookers from the serious substance, CAP and its defenders have waged a war of words with Josh Block, a prominent Democratic activist who was quoted in Ben Smith’s original column and in subsequent reports.

When the Weisenthal Center is aggrieved, it's not just foofoodust.

Given the large anti-Semitic presence at the "Occupy" sites--another (D)/Lefty sponsored bunch, it's not a surprise that CAP is in the middle of it.


jimspice said...

You know, you guys are only doing yourself a dis-service by misunderstanding our take on Israel. We like Israel just fine, and consider them a valued ally. We do not, however, consider them infallible, and are perfectly comfortable criticizing their behavior when egregious. I find that much more legitimate than simply appeasing them because their nation must persist in order to fulfill some end times scenario.

Dad29 said...


I'm certainly not looking through rose-colored glasses at Israel.

But then, you aren't speaking for CAP, are you?

I found the tone and severity of the accusations to be unusually sharp; and when directed against CAP, that's a "news" item, indeed.