Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blowhard Transmission Problems? Mo' MONEY!!

Headless, who knows about this stuff, notes a little problem with wind-power.

The transmission team plans for peak hours, or when maximum demand will occur on the system. Incorporating assumptions about what the generation and load will be during peak hours in a transmission planner’s model runs into problems when, for example, 4,000 MW of wind power to which the resource planning team had given a capacity rating of 600 MW generates at full capacity.
“When I plan a transmission system that’s capable of 600 MW firm, what do I do with the other 3,400 MW if it shows up?” Bradish said. “It’s happening now and is causing issues on our transmission grid.  --quoting EnergyBiz

Well, Mr. Bradish, you could shove those 3400MW up AlGore's ass, for openers.

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Jim said...

Clearly they will never figure this stuff out. They should give up.