Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another View of "Romney Wins the Election" Stats

A take not shared by the RINO Establishment (read:  Rove, Kristol, McConnell, and the Bushmen):

...Romney's strong polling is more of an effect of his being a "default Obama alternative" for much of the voting public, as opposed to an actual preference. When the other candidates this cycle have hit their stride, they too had decent numbers. Their deficit to Obama would shrink, sometimes besting the President. 

Romney polls strongest against the President. He damn well should- he's been running against him for four f****** years. The question shouldn't be why the rest of the field runs so poorly- but why Romney's numbers against the President haven't improved. 

I have posted constantly about Pennsylvania. Reviewing all the polling data, the Romney-Obama hypothetical there hasn't budged. Romney started this cycle tied with the President there, and he remains so.

His conclusion:  a not-Romney nominee will do just fine, because: 1) Obozo is in deep trouble and 2)  the "not-Obozo"--given a decent platform--is going to be strong.

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