Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Gummint-Mandated Stinko Wash Machine

You learn the most interesting things watching TV.

Waiting for dinner, Bears/Lions didn't look too competitive, so flicked over to the oldest Law & Order I've ever seen.

Commercial break for Tide something-or-other which 'de-odorizes your high-efficiency wash machine.'


Yah.  Those Gummint-mandated front-loaders.  Evidently the drum traps lint, or something.  Wet lint stinks.

Who'dathunkit?  Another Gummint program--like poison lightbulbs--which screws up your home.

Oh, yes.  Those central-planning Green Goddess worshipers deserve our thanks. 

Or worse.

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neomom said...

I couldn't wait for my top loader to die so I could buy a front loader. Gentler on the clothes, cleans better and you can stuff the bejeezus out of it. Fabulous for the amount of towels and clothes the kiddos go through.

The stink if you use too much detergent and softener. Happened to me - cut my use back by more than half and it went away. Helps to leave the door open after the last load to dry as well - just like the top loader.

Since having to give up my gas range, my front loader is the only appliance in my home I love.