Monday, November 07, 2011

You Have a Home on Lake of the Ozarks? Maybe Not!

Well, this is even more ......unwelcome......than the Wisconsin DNR's stuff.

Nearly every year, Patsy Riley has gotten unsolicited offers for her house on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks with its spectacular views of tree-lined bluffs and its ample shoreline, but she never wanted to leave. Now, she and hundreds of her neighbors wonder what will become of their homes after a federal agency declared that many structures built close to the lake may have to go.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, citing restrictions on private developments around dams, says thousands of residences, decks, patios and boathouses appear to encroach on land belonging to the hydroelectric project in violation of federal regulations  --AP quoted at MoonBattery

Somewhere, there must be someone who OK'd all those homes, decks, patios, and boathouses.  

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