Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Wack-Job Lefties

Now and then it's a good thing to note that the "OWS" gang also posts to wacko-Lefty sites.

Here's a good example:

Anonymous said...
It is MUCH WORSE than this. The DOJ knows that scotty walker admitted on a tape to conspiring to institute a violent "false flag" attempt against protesters. You can google this yourself and find transcripts and/or actual copies of the audio where walker brags to a fake koch brother about considering committing serious crimes against the people of wisconsin. He does say that they decided not to do it - BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT! The conspiracy is a serious crime and actually carries stiffer penalties than the crime would have (unless, of course, walker's "false flag" terrorism would have killed someone) Wisconsin's governor has been given a "free pass" and has never had to answer any questions under oath to either clear his name or be held accountable for serious crimes against Wisconsin and our great Nation. Please CALL John W. Vaudreuil at: 608) 264-5158 You will be told to write a letter - probably a good idea, but please also share that the public safety should not be dependent on a popular vote. Please write a strong letter; I sent mine certified. Please then call them back a couple of weeks later. Tell them you want to talk to someone about your letter. They may just continue to take your name and promise call backs; they may ask you to write a letter - who knows (I will decline to give more details about my experience at this point in time) LET'S WORK OBAMA'S DOJ TO DO ITS JOB. Let's give scotty walker an opportunity to "clear the air" under oath (assuming he can). I literally fear what will happen in the next few weeks. HELP!
You can't make that stuff up, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Illusory Tenant a "wacko-lefty site"??? GET REAL!