Friday, November 11, 2011

Teachers' Union to Picket Walker's Home

Patch reports that the Usual Suspects--the teachers--will be raising Hell around Scott Walker's house on Tuesday evening next week.

Free bus trips from Oshkosh, too!!


Deekaman said...

Time for a counter protest. We can no longer stand by and allow this.

Amy said...

Agreed. How shameful is that? If we went to Obama's place in Chicago, the left would wet themselves.

Children, all.

Dad29 said...

Well, then.

Let's wait until the coldest damn day in January. They'll freeze solid in their own pee.

Helluva good idea Mom!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Amy, I would applaud you for exercising your right to assemble. That is the ADULT thing to do. The only CHILDREN are those radicals--as if their s*** doesn't stink--who insist that the ENTIRE LEFT or the ENTIRE RIGHT is morally, spiritually, and politically bankrupt.

So, if you and your ilk want to occupy Chicago in the dead of winter, go for it!