Saturday, November 12, 2011

"The Silicon Valley Elite"

Oh, really?

New internal White House emails reveal that a scathing critique of Energy Secretary Steven Chu by a former Obama political advisor was widely circulated at the highest levels of the administration.

The Feb. 25, 2011 email that sparked the deliberations landed on West Wing desks just as the solar energy firm Solyndra was starting to show outward signs of financial trouble. It was sent by Dan Carol...

 "I would respectfully suggest that the president be strongly encouraged to make major leadership changes as soon as possible," Carol wrote. 

Carol also predicted the political fallout that would result from what he saw as inevitable failures of the Energy Department's now-embattled loan guarantee program. He made the dire predictions when advising that Obama replace Chu with someone who was not "too associated … with [the] Silicon Valley business elite."

Carol is a Green Goddess worshiper, of course; but even he can see the problem here.

The "Silicon Valley Elite" includes at least one player who was agitating for national healthcare during the early Bush years.  At that time, the Big Three were on the same band-wagon.  The driver?  Easy.  They would have dumped all their health-care plans immediately on enactment.

Same as they'll do in 2014.

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