Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sensenbrenner, Ribble Support Useless BBA

The Balanced Budget Amendment idea has been around for a while.  Sounds good, no?  Amend the Constitution to require that the FedGov balance its budget.

(To Congress-critters, that's preferable to electing responsible and sober people, of course.  The current bunch would lose their jobs.)

So Rep Goodlatte comes up with a BBA!  And Ribble and Sensenbrenner sign on!!  So did Bachmann, Hensarling, West, and a few others who like to play 'Conservative' for the cameras.

Only one problem:  the proposal doesn't say HOW the Feds will balance the budget.

And you don't need any imagination to guess how they'll do it, either.

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Saint Revolution said...

Another example of Sensenbrenner "finding something to do" until he can bilk his big fat government pension in retirement.

Jim Sensenbrenner: doing nothing but taking up more space every day as he loosens that belt of his notch by notch.

A four decade lifetime politician complete loss.