Friday, November 04, 2011

Planned Parenthood or Planned Fraud?

The maxim "follow the money" applies.

A former employee of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has filed a whistleblower’s complaint with both the Texas and United States Attorneys General alleging her management engaged in massive Medicaid fraud.

Details follow in the news item.  Among other things, PP billed the taxpayers for abortions, but re-worked the billing notes to mask that fact.  That's flat-out illegal under the Hyde Amendment.  And PP also billed for services not rendered AND for services rendered, but not necessary.

PP Gulf Coast is not alone.

...Reynolds is the third whistleblower to accuse her former Planned Parenthood employer of fraud against the government.

Former Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles CFO P. Victor Gonzalez has a case in federal court accusing his employer of similar activity.

And the IRS is investigating charges brought by an unnamed employee of the now defunct Planned Parenthood Golden Gate.

Meanwhile, Americans United for Life reports that government audits have uncovered similar fraud at Planned Parenthoods in New Jersey, New York, and Washington state.

Can't say this comes as a surprise, folks.

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