Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Manufacturing: The Place To Be

This is a damn good idea!

The Milwaukee 7 economic development group Wednesday said it is assembling a strategy to change the perception that Wisconsin's manufacturing too often is dismissed as "dirty, dumb, dangerous and declining."

..."A viral, heavy hitting manufacturing campaign" is one of the ideas under discussion, said Shelley Jurewicz, a vice president in the M-7 organization, which comprises the seven counties of metro Milwaukee. The M-7 held a meeting Wednesday at the Gateway Technical College in Sturtevant.

We've seen a few manufacturing plants.  People who work in them are not 'dumb'--not by a long shot.  Nor are most plants 'dangerous,' although paying attention is very useful on a floor.  "Declining"?  Not in the last couple of years, and in fact, lots of work is returning to the US from PRChina and other places.  "Dirty"?  Kinda depends on the industry (castings is not an ultra-clean biz), but manufacturers who are smart invest big bucks in well-lit, clean, orderly shops.  Among other things, that removes the 'danger' aspect.


Anonymous said...

sure, a damn good idea about a decade late.

Also, whatever nominal merits recharging the Mfg base, Milwaukee's future - if it has one - is fresh water.

Also, there's the disconnect between what M.A.T.C. is 'teaching' and what employers need.

Also, have the current local ec. dev brainiacs demonstrated any ability - any - to produce such a campaign? If so, please provide an example. I sincerely would like to be mistaken. While I await the 'business generator' of the Park East to gear up. Wow, a for profit college! A hotel!

Dad29 said...


A lot of "water" moves through pumps, with electrical controls, metered.

All of which goodies are made in Milwaukee or environs.

MATC could be nuked; start from scratch and we'd be better off, yes.

We'll have to see what they come up with. There are good advertising imaginations in this town.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you'd like to see Ec Dev done right, and btw, astute and focused promotion, check out the New North, the N.E. WI consortium. They put M-7 to shame. Better still, go their their Dec 7 annual meeting in Green Bay. If the M-7 had but a fraction of their energy and innovation.

I'm sure some of your readers have seen the "At This very Moment in Manitowoc" billboards on 43 (done by a Milw agency that probably knows it can't very well sell quality of life around here).

I really would like to be proven wrong. But based on precedent....