Friday, November 04, 2011

Krusick Requires Police Protection (??)

From Today's TMJ4:

The veteran south side Milwaukee lawmaker, Peggy Krusick, needed a police escort inside the Capitol to protect her from protestors, but she's saying very little about the controversy

This is interesting.  Krusick proposed the amendment late one afternoon and that was followed by several hours of debate.


How, exactly, did a mob of 'protesters' get formed--overnight--sufficient to require police protection for Ms. Krusick?


jimspice said...

"Need?" "Require?" How about "delusionally wanted."

Anonymous said...

Poor Peggy. She offered an amendment that did not meet the approval of the Party's jackbooted thug union overlords. Now she must be made to pay.


TerryN said...

Was the Tea Party after her?

Anonymous said...

Quiet, teabagger.


Anonymous said...

Another Zorro impersonator. Only someone completely off the rails would pull this stunt. I wonder what is their political ideology???

The Real Zorro