Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green Goddess Costs Lotsa YOUR Money

Sierra club prostrates itself before the Green Goddess, and sacrifices you.

The Sierra Club on Wednesday took the first step toward suing We Energies for violations of state environmental permits as a result of the bluff collapse and landslide that sent coal ash into Lake Michigan last week.

...The notice of intent to sue alleges that the pollutants in the coal ash at the bottom of Lake Michigan "pose an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment," she said.

...The health and environmental risks from coal ash are disputed. Coal ash is not licensed as a hazardous pollutant and ash generated from power plants today is reused in concrete and road beds.
"Health impacts are unlikely from this event," We Energies says in its most recent update on cleanup work at the site. "Coal ash is made up mostly of silica, which is similar to sand, and has not been classified as carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Imagine that.  Sand on a shoreline.

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Jim said...


Why did they store it, then? Should have just dumped it into the lake in the first place. Imagine not having to go to Hawaii to see the black sand beaches.