Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do Illegals Count for Representation?

This will be fun to watch.

Attorney General James Caldwell, R-La., filed a lawsuit directly in the U.S. Supreme Court contending that Louisiana should not lose a House seat under the new Census data, because the 2010 Census includes illegal immigrants in reapportionment calculations and thus unconstitutionally rewards states with high illegal immigrant populations with increased representation in Congress.

“Louisiana’s complaint simply asks the Court to require the federal government to recalculate the 2010 apportionment of U.S. House of Representative seats based on legal residents—just as the Constitution requires,” Caldwell said in a statement.

On the Census Bureau website, the government contends that "all people (citizens and noncitizens) with a usual residence in the 50 states are to be included in the census and thus in the apportionment counts."

That's a very good question, indeed.

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